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Academics Overview

At Ravenswood, we take academics extremely seriously. Students will leave Ravenswood well-prepared for high school, with a comprehensive elementary education. We inspire students to become lifelong learners -individuals who are passionate about understanding and caring for the world around them.

We do this by:

  • hiring top-notch teachers, able to teach and instruct confidently and thoughtfully.

  • choosing curricula that encourage students to ask questions, develop strategies to process what they are learning, find innovative ways to apply their new knowledge and then create something with all the skills and ideas they’ve acquired.

  • supplementing our curricula with an integrated arts approach, adding fine arts to encourage students to explore and understand the world in new ways.

  • using inquiry projects, new technologies, science, mathematics, reading the classics and using art to understand the world.

You can see the results papered on bulletin boards in hallways, stacked in writing portfolios and added into student’s math workbooks and science projects — we do academics and arts in big, dynamic ways.

The results speak for themselves - our academic achievements and growth rates are some of the highest in the district and the state.

You can find more information on our academic approaches here or get more details on each of our grade level academics by visiting the grade-level pages: