BASA Enrichment Classes

In addition to our regular before & after school care, we offer supplemental classes to all students. All classes are held at Ravenswood. Students do not have to be enrolled in BASA to attend supplemental classes. However, apart from the Columbia College arts programming, most classes do have fees. You can learn more and register here.

Spanish Class, Mondays

Grades K-1st

Led by Instituto Cervantes, this is a Spanish immersion and enrichment program. Students will learn and practice their Spanish speaking skills through guided recreational play, speaking and listening activities, arts and crafts, and storytelling. Activities will be conducted in Spanish and will be planned to correspond with school themes and holidays.


Grades 3rd-6th

These workshops led by Barrel of Monkeys will explore various creative writing techniques such as visional inspiration, non-fiction, sensory writing, and group dialogues. Upon completion of the workshops, Barrel of Monkeys professional actors and musicians adapt those student-written stories into sketches and songs and will perform an original production for everyone in Youth Guidance after school BASA programming, as well as family and friends; celebrating and championing their voices!

Tae Kwon Do, Tuesdays

Grades 1st-8th

Students develop self-confidence, character, leadership, and fitness. Students learn Taekwondo in an environment of mutual support, respect, and community. Kids have fun while developing focus, strength, character, and respect for self and others. 

Cooking classes, wednesdays

Grades K-2nd (4:00-5:00PM)

Grades 3rd- 8th (5:15-6:15PM)

Join us After School Cooking Classes, taught by Sticky Fingers! We'll be cooking up fun and healthy recipes! Students will release their inner chef as they explore exciting tastes, master culinary skills, and nourish their bodies and minds. Classes are led by Sticky Fingers, which uses seasonal and local produce as much as possible. Sticky Fingers CAN and WILL accommodate ANY and ALL food allergies!

CheSs club, Thursdays

Grades 1-8 & all levels welcome!

All classes are taught by Chess-Ed and led by US Chess Federation certified teachers. Chess-Ed students learn interpersonal skills such as sportsmanship, patience and positive attitudes as well as fundamentals like math and geometry that carry over to the classroom.

Hands on Science, Fridays

Grades K-1st

After School Science Club for Kindergarten and First Grade! 

Led by Kids STEM Studio, students will explore the physical world through inquiry and experimental design with these science-forward courses. Science isn’t inaccessible or irrelevant to kids’ lives – instead, we teach science as a way of thinking and uncovering new discoveries. By teaching the nature of science, we prepare kids for further explorations in biology, physics, chemistry and beyond.

Lego Robotics, Fridays

Grades 2nd-4th

Our kids will dive into the exciting world of robotics with hands-on programming, building, troubleshooting and operating activities. Classes taught by Kids STEM Studio will utilize LEGO® Mindstorms and WeDo programs as well as traditional building techniques all while growing students’ skills in design, problem-solving and critical thinking. Students will gain confidence and a one-of-a-kind learning experience as they watch their creations take shape, from a simple idea to a working robot with motors and sensors.