Rebecca Bancroft

I have spent the last 20 years as an educator working relentlessly to provide to students and families the same education that I want for my own son. I am crystal clear on my work as a leader, and that is to ensure that every single student in my school feels a sense of belonging to the school community, feels welcome and safe, and most importantly that it is our job as educators to inspire,motivate, and engage all students. I absolutely believe in this idea of all children want to be and can be successful and it is our collective duty to ensure their success. I have used my experiences as a 1:1 paraeducator, special educator, Instructional Support Leader, Assistant Principal, Resident Principal, and Principal to refine my practice and craft of mobilizing stakeholders around a shared vision for student learning and success.

As the Principal of Ravenswood, it would be my great honor to lead the vision of the Ravenswood community that is deeply engaged in the work of equity and excellence for all students. This work of equity excites me, inspires me, challenges me, and is my duty as a leader, an educator, a parent, and a citizen of the world.