Second Grade Curriculum

In second grade, we deepen our exploration of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies.



We use the Everyday Mathematics curriculum in second grade. This curriculum is designed to teach math in a variety of ways to reach students of all learning styles.

In second grade, our math topics will include:

  • Fact strategies

  • Place value

  • Addition and subtraction

  • Operations and number strategies

  • Measurement

  • Coins

  • Geometry (2D & 3D)

  • Intro to Multiplication and Division

  • Concepts

  • Fractions


In second grade, our literacy studies are divided into three areas: reading, word work, and writing. Each area teaches students a different aspect of literacy.

Our reading topics will include units on:

  • Building Your Reading Life

  • Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction

  • Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power

  • Series Book Clubs

Our word work groups will be differentiated based on students’ word and spelling knowledge. A concept will be worked on for one to two weeks until a final word sort is completed and shows proficiency. Word lists will be sent home with students to practice.

Our writing workshops will include units on:

  • Launch/Personal Narrative

  • Lab Reports and Science: Nonfiction Writing

  • Writing about Reading

  • Poetry

Science & Social Studies

After an overview of scientific goals and theory, our focus on science will include:

  • a unit on the properties of materials,

  • a unit on the changing of landforms,

  • and a unit on plant and animal relationships.

Our social studies program is focused on inquiry and interest-based areas of study.

This year, our units will include:

  • a study of our school family,

  • a discovery of communities and community changes,

  • an inquiry into community civics,

  • and an overview of geography.