Our Third Grade Curriculum

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Students learn about force and motion through practical applications!

Students learn about force and motion through practical applications!

Our field trips support our social studies curriculum

Our field trips support our social studies curriculum

We will be working with our classmates on a number of projects in third grade.  Working together well requires patience, empathy, focus, and determination.  Students can expect to use and be hearing language that facilitates positive interactions among students, teachers, and parents. It is very important that students come to school everyday on time and ready to learn.  This means that they have slept well, eaten well, brought the correct materials, completed all of your homework, and are ready to do their best.   This will make the learning process all the more rewarding. 

Our curriculum in third grade will include:

Language Arts 

Students will continue learning foundational skills to become life-long readers and writers.  They will share and record their responses to what they read during discussions and in their journals.  Students will also communicate their ideas in a variety of written formats: friendly letters, research reports, biographies, and stories. It is important for students to practice reading EVERYDAY, and so will be expected to fill out a weekly reading log.


Our goal is for students to master their multiplication facts this year.  As the year progresses, students will need those basic facts to be able to tackle word problems, and multiple step challenges.


Students will learn about Life Cycles as they study the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly.  They will learn about the habitat and adaptations of a number of animals, and will also focus on force and motion.

Social Studies

Our yearlong study of Chicago starts as students learn about the first inhabitants to the area, Native Americans.  They will investigate the social, political, cultural, economic aspects of their daily lives, paying special attention to their relationships with the natural world.

Arts Integration

As a Fine and Performing Arts Magnet School, we also strive to integrate the arts into the curriculum wherever possible.  This means collaborating with our art, drama and dance teachers to deepen our understanding of subjects, and to broaden the ways in which we learn.  In addition, we will engage students through a process of inquiry, which focuses on students developing their own questions, researching, and then sharing what they learned in a variety of ways.