4th Grade Curriculum


In 4th grade, we study reading, writing, Everyday Math, social studies and science. As we do in the rest of our grades, we follow a differentiated learning approach in 4th grade, to ensure students can work at the pace and level that best encourages them.

Reading & WRITING

In reading, students learn to interpret characters, read realistic fiction, read and evaluate non-fiction (including an in-depth study of the American Revolution and Westward Expansion), and read historical fiction (including learning about different cultures through historical fiction). We’ll learn how to write realistic fiction, personal and persuasive essays, and informational writing, which will tie into our studies of the American Revolution. We’ll also learn how to write literary essays and how to write about fiction.


In mathematics, using our Everyday Math curriculum, we’ll study multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, geometry, fractions and decimals, division and angles, measurement, and fractional operations and applications.

Social Studies & Science

In social studies, we’ll study community building, US regions, the American Revolution and Westward Expansion (connecting back to our reading and writing focus), and the World’s Fair. In science, we’ll be studying energy, waves, the Earth’s place in the universe, and life sciences.


In 4th grade, we focus on social emotional skill building. Our students hold regular class meetings to give compliments, offer solutions to new class problems, and follow-up on prior solutions. Our classroom solution choices include: teacher reminders, breaks at our peace place, a break with the school counselor, individual reflection, reflection with the teacher, a drink of water, or collaboration with family. Students may select a solution they think may help them most or a teacher may select one for them, depending on the situation.