4th Grade Homework & Grading Approach

Grading Approach

Grading is based on a standard scale:

  • 100-90% - A - Exceeding 4th Grade Standards

  • 89-80% - B - Above 4th Grade Standards

  • 79 - 70% - C - Meeting 4th Grade Standards

  • 69 - 60% - D - Below 4th Grade Standards

  • 59% or below - F - Well Below 4thh Grade Standards

Grades are based on student performance in each of our curriculum categories. Please reach out to your child’s teacher for more information on specific sections. Report cards are sent home quarterly.


We do have homework in 4th grade. That usually includes:

  1. Finishing any classwork or math homework sent home

  2. Word study from our menu (Tuesday through Friday) - we have a practice test on Friday and a quiz on Monday!

  3. Reading every night for at least 30 minutes. Studies have shown that kids need to read 60 minutes a day minimally to become fluent readers. We encourage students to read as much as possible!

  4. Book Club Assignments (if not finished at school)

  5. Plus a challenge: Do Xtra Math or JiJi at Home!