Principal Selection Update - April 29, 2019

Principal Selection Update:

This is a big week for our school community. We will be taking big steps forward to discuss, design and vote on the principal selection process. 

Tonight at 7pm, we will have a special meeting to conduct our principal evaluation for Mr. Manaen. A majority of our discussion will be in closed session due to legal mandate. We will offer a time at the start of the meeting for open-session public comment and encourage you to come and share your questions, concerns and ideas. There will be a sign-up sheet and comment cards at the door.

On Tuesday, we will open another special meeting to discuss and vote on which of the few options the LSC has to find the best-fit candidates for principal. This is a legal process and so we will thoughtfully choose the path that works best for our entire school community. We invite you to join us for public comment at this meeting as well stating at 8:30pm. All voting is in open session.

As the LSC chair, I want you to know that I will be advocating for teachers and a diverse group of parents to have seats at the table, no matter what process we create. 

On Wednesday, you will have a family survey link in your inbox. It is critical that as many parents as possible fill this out so we understand what challenges and opportunities you see for our next leader. Our teachers and staff will also be surveyed. 

Once all of this information is heard, discussed and approved by the LSC, I will send out a message that will tell you exactly what is next and how you can get involved. I assure you that this will be a transparent process and that we will be diligent in sending updates to the entire community. 

Many of you have reached out with excitement, hands raised to help, and also some stress and anxiety about what comes next. I deeply appreciate hearing from you, your honesty, and knowing that we are all invested, not only in our next principal but in our school as a whole. 

We are all in this together, we all believe this is an amazing school with a stellar staff, students and programs, and we all are here for the right reason – to keep a thriving school thriving. 

If you can't join us this week, please feel free to email me at, and keep reading your Ravenswood newsletters for more information.

Jessica Ashley

LSC Chair