Community Forum Update- June 23, 2019

Ravenswood community,

We are coming to the final steps in our principal selection process, and we are so thankful for your feedback and trust along the way.

Tomorrow evening is our community forum and our opportunity to share the best of Ravenswood, as well as ask thoughtful questions.

The community forum will look a little different than we anticipated. This weekend, two of our three candidates withdrew to pursue other professional opportunities. We are proud and excited to keep moving forward in our process, and to present our remaining strong principal candidate. Please read her bio on our website. We can’t wait for you to meet her.

The number of people on our cafegymatorium stage has changed. The mission – to find our next skilled leader – and our process is the same.

The Ravenswood LSC

PS. If your student is attending the Q&A with the candidate, that will now take place at 4:30 pm.

Ravenswood LSCLSC