Principal Selection Update-June 3, 2019

Thank you to all families who participated in the Principal Selection Survey! We received 42 responses, and the LSC and Principal Selection Advisory Council are using the feedback when designing the interview process for principal candidates. You can view the summary of the results here. Some notable trends include: 

  • When asked what makes Ravenswood special, community was the top answer by families, with 17 responses. Families described the community as supportive, open-hearted, diverse, friendly and accepting.

  • Race, diversity and equity was viewed as the top area of growth, with 13 mentions. Some families mentioned reduced achievement gaps, increasing diversity of staff and continuing to have conversations around race and equity.

  • Communication and listening were the top values and skills wanted in the next leader, as identified but 16 families. Families wanted someone who would both initiate conversations and listen to (and act upon) their feedback.

  • Another consistent theme across the survey was supporting and developing teachers. Families wanted the principal both to recognize and trust excellent teachers WHILE holding teachers accountable and helping them improve and grow.

Our LSC and Principal Selection Advisory Council met on Monday night to approve our First Round Interview process. We are currently designing our process for Reference Checks, Site Visits, Final Interviews and Community Forum. We are currently on track with our principal selection process. Click on the link to see our Principal Selection Status.

Our next special meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 8 at 8:00 pm. The majority of this meeting will take place in Closed Session. All voting will take place in Open Session and your comments are welcome. You can also drop us a note in the comment boxes housed in the main office and BASA entrance.

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