Interim Assistant Principal Introduction

Ravenswood family, faculty and friends,

We are excited to welcome our new interim assistant principal, Mr. Daniel Postlethwait. Please learn more about Mr. Postlethwait in his letter to the community.

Dear Ravenswood students, staff and community members,

I am proud and grateful to have been offered the opportunity to be the Assistant Principal at Ravenswood Elementary. I am looking forward to working closely with Principal Singleton as she leads the school forward during this time of change.  

My role this school year will be to build relationships with all the Ravenswood stakeholders and to help support the work around academics, SEL, and the Arts.  One only need look at the amazing school grounds to see that the parents and community have been champions of the school.  The amazing playground, the garden plots that are flourishing and the welcoming benches and landscape make Ravenswood the kind of school that any child would be excited to attend.

It is my philosophy that at the center of student achievement are the efforts of parents, teachers, and students.  My intention is to make sure that I can foster each of these as I support the mission and vision of Dr. Singleton. I have had an opportunity to meet a few teachers and community members who astounded me with their passion and dedication to the work being done here and I am eager to get to know each and every one of you. 

To this new role, I bring my 20 years of experience in education as both a teacher and an administrator.  Nearly ten years of that time was spent living and teaching in Spain and South Korea.  I am highly invested in my role as a board member of The Chicago Poetry Center and its work to get poetry to all students. Over that past few years I have had the opportunity to grow as the ELPT, the Dual Language Coordinator, and the Case Manager at Darwin Elementary.  In addition, I am eager to share my experiences in mentoring teachers and engaging parents. 

My end in mind is to work with the students, staff, and parents and to take part in cultivating even more growth at Ravenswood Elementary like the flourishing gardens that surround the school today. Please take the next few weeks to recharge so that we can hit the ground running with lots of positive energy.  I personally am recharged after visiting Spain and Portugal this summer and spending much of my time playing volleyball, tending to my growing family of porch plants and reading some good books.

I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions via email at I look forward to getting this year off to a great start!

Por favor, si ustedes tienen preguntas ponerse en contacto a través de mi correo electrónico  Tengo ganas de conocer y trabajar con todos para asegurar que comenzamos este año en la mejor manera posible.

Go Rams! 

Daniel Postlethwait, Ravenswood Interim Assistant Principal

Ravenswood LSCLSC