We strive to be a nut-free school.

Our school community has made a commitment to follow nut-free guidelines for the safety and health of all our students. We need each student, teacher and parent to help us make Ravenswood a safer place for kids who have food allergies.

Guidelines for Families

Here’s how you can help your students support their friends:

1. Don’t bring nuts to school. At all. Ever. This means no sandwiches, granola bars, treats or other food that contain nuts. We won’t be bringing any food with nuts for lunches, school events or class parties. You might have to help your parents remember. They try (really, they do) but your gentle reminders and the lunchbox stickers you will get will help.

2. Be a label detective! Food labels have super-tiny print and have lots of unpronounceable words, so you will have to become skilled at scanning the side of all packages. Ask an adult if you need help until you can check and report nuts in the foods you have for lunches.

3. If a friend shares that they have a food allergy, take note. Listen carefully and ask how you can help to support them.

4. If you have a food allergy, tell your friends why Ravenswood’s nut-free policy is important to you. If you’re comfortable joining your classroom lunch table, this is a great time to strike up the conversation over delicious soy butter sandwiches.

5. No, really. Try the soy butter.There are lots of delicious alternatives to peanut butter. Do a taste test! You might be surprised how much you love the creamy deliciousness that soy butter and sun butter add to plain old bread.

7. Skip the teasing, rude comments and making fun of food allergies. It’s not funny. Many kids with food allergies are bullied. None of us want that to happen at Ravenswood. Your teachers will help the classroom come up with ideas for staying supportive and positive, and putting an end to the negative stuff quickly.

8. What if I accidentally bring nuts to school? You will have the option of eating food with nuts at a designated nut table or tossing the item in the trash and eating a nut-free, no-cost school lunch.


Did You Know?

1.  One in 13 children in this country are affected by food allergies, and the number of kids at Ravenswood is slightly higher – about 10%.

2. All CPS meals are nut free. CPS also requires that every school stock EpiPens that staff members are trained to administer in the event of an anaphylactic reaction, helping to earn CPS national recognition for health policy.

3. We are joining a growing community of nut-free schools. Each year, 300,000 children visit the doctor for treatment of food allergy symptoms. Children are most likely to have their first reaction at school, and a quarter of those who are administered epinephrine in response have not had a diagnosis and are not aware they have a food allergy.

4. Food allergies can be fatal. Reactions can range from an irritating rash to life-threatening anaphylaxis. It only takes a small amount of the allergen to set off symptoms.  

5. Ravenswood is an inclusive school where each child is valued. We respect the needs of ALL of our students, including those with allergies. Our nut-free policy allows children with food allergies to enjoy classroom and lunch time with their fellow students.