Our Partners

Our partners provide academic materials, classroom guides, training materials, social supports, additional programming, fundraising, community-building, event management and communications support to supplement the support and guidance we receive as a proud Chicago Public School.

Christoper L. & Susan M. Gust Foundation

The Gust Foundation is a family foundation that supports inclusive education opportunities for students. Gust Foundation educational consultants provide training and support to our administrators, teachers, students and families on best practices for inclusive education.

Columbia College

Columbia College’s after-school programs bring teaching artists into Chicago Public Schools, including Ravenswood, and helps Chicago kids express their creativity through the arts in after-school activities and community programs.

Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves provides materials and curriculum guides that use history to teach tolerance and civic engagement in our classrooms.

Friends of Ravenswood School (FORS)

FORS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization made up of parents and community members that work together with the administration, faculty and staff to raise funds, build community and facilitate communication for the benefit of Ravenswood School.

Urban Initiatives

Urban Initiatives coordinates recess supervision and programming and sports activities for our students and many others throughout the Chicago area.

Youth Guidance

Youth Guidance coordinates our before and after school care (BASA) programming and activities, and serves more than 8,000 students across Chicago.