Notes from CPS Administrator's Summit

[Originally published on Twitter by @PrincipalManaen]

[I] Attended @ChiPubSchools Administrator’s Summit this AM. Left challenged by the powerful call to ownership for equitable schools by @janicejackson and @CPSTeachLearn. In the face of exceptional CPS gains, we still have massive, persistent achievement gaps by race and ethnicity.

 We have a moral imperative to cultivate classrooms and schools where we engage race, racism and equity head on. This is something @RavenswoodRam staff and community have been thinking on for the past couple years, but we have more to do. 

As a mixed race & class school, we have an opportunity and obligation to be a school in which every child, grade and subgroup achieve at high levels academically and socially. We aren’t there yet. In the words of our CEO: “I’m tired of seeing the same damn graph year after year.”

 With that in mind, I’d love to hear from @RavenswoodRam about our next level of work. Up front, I’m committing to the following items for this upcoming school year at Ravenswood:

 o   Forming a parent advisory group and student advisory group focused on race and equity at Ravenswood to give feedback and ideas for how we can get better with our curriculum, offerings, supports, communication, discipline and teaching across grades and content areas

o   Supporting staff book study groups using professional texts focused on holding courageous conversations about race and culturally responsive teaching -regularly reviewing student data from a lens of race and equity and partnering with families to ensure student success

o   Better and earlier HS planning and goal setting to ensure all students are goal setting and exploring the best high schools in CPS… and of course getting into said schools

o   Double down on our partnership with @FacingCHI to explore race, equity, history and ourselves

o   Continually pointing back to this race and equity work and our imperative to be an anti-racist institution during staff meetings, grade team meetings, LSC meetings, Friends of Ravenswood meetings, coffee hours, showcases and everything in between.

I’m proud to be a CPS principal and...and we/I still have lots of work to do. This IS the work in front of us- to continually become a world class school system that honors, elevates and inspires the talented students we’ve been called to serve.

Ravenswood School