Important Update from Principal Manaen

Important Letter from the Principal and LSC Chair

Dear Ravenswood Families and Friends,

Tonight I informed the LSC that this will be my final year as principal of Ravenswood. This July, my family and I will be moving to Minnesota and I will begin a principalship in Minneapolis. 

I want to share with you what I shared with the LSC tonight to give a little context for this decision: I love, love, love my job, and I LOVE Ravenswood. We have an amazing school community and the most incredible staff you could assemble. While I love being a principal, I love being a husband and father even more. I believe this move will give me more space to be a husband and dad. Additionally, many of you know our entire family is in Minnesota, and as much as we've fallen in love with Chicago and our Ravenswood family here, we have deeply missed our family there. It's time to go home.

That said, I can't express how sad I'll be to leave our Ravenswood students, staff and families. This is an incredible school and a special community. In allowing me to work as your principal for the past 6 years, you've given me a gift I'll never be able to repay, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. 

I'll be here through the end of the year into the beginning of July, and the LSC will be launching a search for your next leader in the coming weeks. Please see below for a letter from LSC Chairperson Jessica Ashley for more information on this process. I am beyond confident you will find the right person to take our school even farther. Our school is on the difficult but necessary path of becoming better for every student every day, and I know you will only continue to grow and achieve. Thank you for believing in our students and school. 

Although it probably doesn’t need to be said, I promise I will always be in the background, rooting you on and cheering you forward. And maybe showing up at a dodgeball tournament or two... :) #RavenswoodRocks #EquityMeansExcellenceForAll #OnceARamAlwaysARam

Ravenswood community,

We as an LSC, like you and your families and classrooms, are both full of heartbreak and compassion as we write these last chapters in Mr. Manaen’s leadership at Ravenswood. We had the privilege of hiring Mr. Manaen, and we’ve had the honor of working with him closely on budgets, evaluations, and inner workings of this school. He’s brought us all creative thinking, whip-smart intellect, thoughtfulness, and an intense commitment to the students and staff, and we can all see how much his guidance has elevated our school. Being principal is a big job, and following Nate Manaen is an extraordinary calling.

What next?

While we are all saying our farewells and sharing laughs and memories, the LSC will be hard at work to find the highest qualified, best-fit candidates for the principal position. We will follow a legal process and form a principal’s selection committee to search for, interview, and assess each applicant for this position. You, as a community, will be invited to participate at different levels, perhaps by applying to the committee or attending a candidate forum. We will also be sending surveys because it is critical to hear what matters most to families. We have the support of the greater LSC relations office and are committed to having diverse voices and perspectives in this conversation. We will also do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition, and to honor the vision, budget, and people-first belief the LSC has created with Mr. Manaen.  

Please keep reading the newsletter and reaching out to your LSC parent representatives for more information on how you can be involved and where we are on the path to find the next amazing principal of this school. You are always welcome to contact me directly at

Jessica Ashley

LSC Chair

Nate Manaen