Second to Last Message from Mr. Manaen

Dear Ravenswood Families and Friends,

This will be my second-to-final message as your principal, and I admit I'm feeling some feels. I think it's mostly the pride I feel in our outgoing 8th grade graduates. This past Friday we held our 8th grade graduation ceremony and our students once again blew me away with their eloquence, intelligence and bold vision for themselves and the world they are stepping into. To them I again say: 

Graduates: On behalf of not only the teachers and staff assembled here in this auditorium, but on behalf of the 100+ plus teachers and staff from PreK-8th grade, from Ravenswood and other schools, from socials studies to drama to science to dance to math to art to ELA, I can say we are corporately and enthusiastically unbelievably proud of you. You have, in your time with us, modeled the very best of what it means to learn, to grow, to show courage, compassion, persistence, wonder and wisdom. As you prepare to begin the next phase of your journey, always remember that there is a loving, dedicated community here that will always be cheering you on, always ready to celebrate your next success, and always here to support you through a challenge, of which you will face many. We believe in you."
As with every year, we also have Ravenswood staff who are moving on to their next phase of work as well. This year we are saying sad but happy farewells to Ms. Reed, Ms. (Veronica) Santos, Mr. Samerson and Ms. Sheldon. We send them off with our very best and the knowledge that, like our graduates, #OnceaRamAlwaysaRam. 

We hope to see you at Field Day (Monday) and Ramapalooza (Wednesday) this week! Have a great week, everyone.


Mr. Manaen 

Nate Manaen