Do you live within the Ravenswood Elementary School boundaries?

Are your children planning on attending Ravenswood next year?

Please register your students today!

To register:

Please visit our office this month, any weekday between 9am - 4pm.
Can’t make it during those times? Please call our offices at 773-534-5525.

You will need:

  • Proof of your child’s age: a birth certificate; baptismal record; passport; court documents; medical records

  • TWO proofs of your current address: a utility bill; an Illinois driver’s license; an Illinois state ID; a medical / MediPlan / Medicaid card; a Social Security check; court documents that show your current address; an Illinois Department of Public Aid card; or a proof of moving date from the Post Office.

  • If possible, your child’s current medical records


  • Why do we have to enroll so early? In-boundary students may enroll at any time. By registering early, though, you help us plan for next year. This allows us to offer smaller class sizes and ensure we have the right team available to meet your child’s needs.

  • Can I register if we are out-of-boundary? No. To register your out-of-boundary student, you must apply through the Go CPS portal.

  • Can I register siblings of Ravenswood students? Yes, if you live within the Ravenswood boundaries. If you are outside the Ravenswood boundaries, you will need to apply though the Go CPS portal. After neighborhood students are admitted, siblings receive priority admittance.

  • Can I register for preschool? To register for preschool at Ravenswood, you must apply through the CPS Chicago Early Learning site. We cannot take preschool registrations through our office.

  • My children are already Ravenswood students. Do I need to enroll again? No. We will send a note home later this school year confirming your registration for the next school year.

  • What fees are due at the time of registration? There are no fees due at the time of registration. Ravenswood is a Chicago Public School and education is free and open to all students.

  • I’m homeless or in an temporary living situation and don’t have the required proof of address. You may register and enroll at any time. Please call or stop by our office more more details. For more information, please see CPS guidelines.

  • My child has an IEP or special needs. Can we still register? Yes. Ravenswood accepts all students. Our goal is to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for success. Please visit our Diverse Learners page for more information.

  • My child does not speak English. Can we still register? Yes. Ravenswood accepts all students, and we offer English Language Learning as part of our class programing. Please visit our English Language Learners page for more information.

  • I don’t speak English. How can I register? Our team speaks a variety of languages. We will help you through the process in whatever language is best for you!