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Winter Arts Showcase - PM SHOW

Join us for our second arts showcase of the school year!

At this showcase, you will enjoy dances by the Middle School Dance Team, the Ravenswood Dance Ensemble, the Middle School Dance Elective, the Junior Middle School Dance Elective and Classes 312, 310, 111 and 208.

Drama scenes will be performed by the Middle School Drama Elective and the Junior Middle School Drama Elective.

Choral performances will be sung by Classes 310, 312, 304 and 305. 

If your child's dance class is in the showcase, they will receive a backpack flyer with details regarding their specific dance performance within the next few weeks. 

FYI: this is a date change from the usual.. in the past showcases have been on a Thursday, the final day of the quarter.. this time we are shifting it a day early to accommodate an additional drama showcase and end-of-unit/performance reflections.