Ravenswood Elementary School

2019-2020 Ravenswood School Supplies Lists

It’s that time of year again! Scroll down to see the supplies for each grade.

You’ll find two options under each grade: a button that gives you a printable list of school supplies, and a list of supplies with links to purchase most of them on Amazon or Target.

We don’t care where you get your supplies from. But these links are set up as affiliate links, which means that FORS gets a very small percentage of the amount of each item you buy through these links, at no extra cost to you. You can increase your contribution to the school - again, at no cost to you - by using Amazon Smile, and choosing Friends of Ravenswood as your charity, to check out after you’ve added items to your cart if you’re shopping from Amazon.



PreSchool / PreK Supply List

All of our supplies will be shared with the class throughout the year, so you don’t need to write your child’s name on the supplies. Instead, just bring it all in a bag or box labeled with your child’s name.  In addition to the list below, students should also bring a reusable, spill-proof water bottle, a standard-size backpack, and a naptime blanket and pillow every day. These personal items should be clearly labeled with the student’s name.


Kindergarten & First Grade Supplies

All of our supplies will be shared with the class throughout the year, so you don’t need to write your child’s name on anything. Instead, just bring it all in a bag/box labeled with your child’s name.

Required for all Students:

Elmer’s Glue sticks - 2

Elmer’s Liquid Glue Bottle - 2

Black Felt Tip Pens, medium point Papermate Flair - 2 packs

Papermate Flair Colored Felt Tip Pens

2 reams of copy paper - We’ll need more later in the year, but this is all we can store for now.

Disinfecting table wipes - Lysol or Clorox - 5 packs

Kleenex - 1 full-sized box

Paper towels - 1 roll

Dry erase markers Expo 5-10 markers -fine or bullet point, black only

Scotch brand packing tape - 2 rolls

Girls: Washable markers - bright or bold colors

Girls: 1 pack of gallon Ziploc bags

Girls: 1 pack of quart Ziploc bags

Boys: Washable markers – classic colors

Boys: 1 pack of Ziploc sandwich bags

Boys: 1 pack of Ziploc snack bags

Kindergarten only: Baby wipes 1 pack

*Nice to Have: These items are not required, but would be helpful and very much appreciated!


*Card stock (any colors)

*1 pack of Expo dry erase markers – chisel tip, assorted colors, pack of 12

*Bright colored copy paper (mixed ream of colors or a ream of all one color)

*Sterilite medium ultra baskets (dimensions roughly 13”x10”x5”)


Third Grade School Supplies

We will send a supply list directly to third grade families. Please choose at least one item from the list to purchase for the class. All items will be shared. There is no need to purchase extra supplies for your child. Each family should spend no more than $30-$50 for one or more items. Please feel free to look for sales on these items! We will be at school the week before the start date, so you are welcome to stop by and drop off supplies then. Otherwise, send them with your child on the first day of school. If you did not receive the supply lists for third grade, please contact Ms. Ludwig or Mr. Tajchman directly.


Fourth Grade School Supplies

Individual Supplies (Please label these with your student’s name):

Shared Supplies


 5th & 6th Grade (RJMS) Supplies

Shared Supplies (Please do not write your student’s name on these - they will be shared with the entire class)

Optional & Greatly Appreciated - These are not required, but would be helpful and very much appreciated!

  • Staples brand Pastel Colored Copy Paper – light blue, light green $11.29 per pack 

  • $5.00 Staples/Target Gift card to be used for technology supplies/ ink cartridges throughout the year


Essentials (Art, Dance, Drama, Gym) Supplies

Ravenswood enrichment teachers (art, dance, drama and gym) are requesting the following supplies for the school year. Purchasing these is optional, but helps our teachers provide a better experience for all students!