Ravenswood Family Survey for Principal Selection

Thank you for your participation! This survey will be used to help inform the principal selection process for Ravenswood Elementary. Specially, these responses will help to both shape specific interview questions and to help the LSC better understand what families value to inform principal selection. The survey consists of a few questions and should only take a few minutes.
Your input is valuable and will help the Local School Council (LSC) choose the next principal for Ravenswood. All responses are optional and completely confidential. You may skip any questions you do not wish to answer. Please submit this by Friday, May 17th.  

To complete the Ravenswood Family Survey in Spanish please click on the following link.


Please share up to two questions here.
We want to know whose voices we are hearing and whose voices we may not be hearing. Can you please select if you have a learner or learners in the following areas (select all that apply): *